Professional highlights

Plaza Page

A customizable storefront for creators to showcase their favorite products, affiliate links, etc.

Developed a dynamic and configurable UI for creators that includes a catalog of their recommended products and affiliate links. Users can log in via OAuth to track the creators they follow, and keep track of wishlisted and ordered products.

The UI supports a variety of themes to match each creator's personal brand. To improve SEO, I made the ecommerce pages more web crawler-friendly and enhanced the preview experience. Accurate analytics were crucial for collecting data and providing insight to creators, so I helped set up event capturing for every user interaction on the page.

Lastly, worked on a checkout flow with a UX similar to Shopify to reduce user friction that generated the first revenue of the company.

Creator App

A mobile app for creators to manage and customize their storefront and get all the analytics in one place.

Picked up React Native and co-authored the creator app from scratch.

One of our immediate needs were to improve the flows for adding and editing products. However, we faced the challenge of creating a huge form that required users to fill out multiple fields, which made the user experience cumbersome. I took on the task of breaking down the process into multiple modular flows across different screens, resulting in a much-improved user experience.

Took on major features after gaining momentum like a date range picker similar to the insights screen of a public Instagram account, a complex multi-part form wizard for customizing creator page themes, generic image and video upload components, etc.


A web dashboard for creators to customize their storefront UI and manage products, links, etc.

Worked on a complex form that enabled the creators to choose from a variety of themes and configure other aspects of their Plaza page like reordering the tabs, setting button shapes, etc. Also added a preview experience just beside the form to help them see the effect of their changes in real-time.

Contributed to a small design system that we came up with to help us iterate faster. It included buttons with different states, form fields of different input types (some styled and some unstyled), custom hooks like media upload etc.


Some contributions that didn't affect any product individually but rather as a whole.

Images are the soul of an e-commerce platform but there was a major problems with ours - the dimension and orientation varied a lot because we didn't control the type of images being uploaded which made the UI inconsistent.

I took the help of a third party provider called Cloudinary to apply on the fly transformations on the image and also control their dpi to preserve the quality while keeping their size small. I optimised it even further in our mobile app by using react-native-fast-image to cache the image on user’s device after the first load.

Contributed in migrating our apps in a monorepo. We were one of the earliest adopters of Turborepo which also presented some challenges. One of the major ones that I dealt with was triggering a deployment only for the apps which were affected by the respective file changes instead of all of them. It ended up saving a couple of extra dollars from being spent on bumping concurrent deployments.