Engineer. Writer. Conversationalist.

I'm Aditya - a frontend engineer by profession, a writer by heart and a conversationalist by nature.



A gift recommendation app built with GPT-3 and launched during Valentine's week for personalised gifting recommendations that generated 100s of recommendations within hours.

Intersection Counter

A library to track the count of elements yet to enter the viewport and be used to build features like unread count of unread messages.

Infinite Grids

A simple and easy to use library that allows you to create a masonry layout with infinite loading while controlling everything about the nodes being rendered in the layout.

Motion La La Land

An ever-growing set of polished animating components, leveraging the best of framer motion and inspired from across the web.

Google Keep Clone

A Google Keep Clone that to replicate their grid UI with animations and dark mode including state management using redux-toolkit.